Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is funflee?

It is a website which provides prizes to the best posts by the users. We have a large repository of prizes and you can choose any prize out of them. You can change your prize selection anytime until we have already dispatched it.

Q2. How long a Contest runs?

It depends on our team. Generally a contest runs for a week. But this also depends on the prizes. Some contests run for particular prizes and they can run longer. Also the remaining time in the expiry of contest is displayed on the Home page.

Q3. How can I win a prize?

To win a prize one have to get maximum votes* on their post until the end of the contest. This is general but not specific. The condition may change but that will be explicitely specified.

Q4. Is it acting worldwide?

No. Currently it is acting only in India. But later we may open it globally.

Q5. Do number of comments also counts in winning?

In general, No. Since a single user can post any number of comments, so it will not be counted. But In some contests it may be given weight. But that will be explicitely specified.

Q6. Where can I get information about a contest?

At the top of the Home page (below menu bar) you can see currently on going contest name. Clicking on the name will show you the description.

Q7. How will I be notified of winning?

We will notify you via Email or facebook or both.

Q8. Can there be more than one winner?

Yes. But in general there will be one winner only. Some contests may have more than one winners. But that will be explicitely specified.

Q9. Why do I need to provide my address?

It's because we need to send your prize to your address. In case we don't have your address, we will have to cancel your prize.

Q10. Will my address be visible to public?

No. You address is collected just for sending you your prize. It will not be displayed anywhere on website. Yes, it will be displayed on your profile for your viewing only.

Q11. What is Other Info on profile?

Other info can be anything you wish to share with public. It can be about you, your hobbies, movies you like etc. You can also share your social network profile link here but beware it will be displayed to everybody.

Q12. How can I send message to somebody?

Just visit their profile and you will get an option of sending message.

Q13. What type of content can we share?

You can share text, photos, videos and can ask questions to others provided your content fulfil our terms.

Q14. We need to provide youtube video links. Why can't we upload videos here?

Since your videos are public, it's better you and we take benefits of website like youtube. Also we have our own criteria of getting votes, so there will not be any problem with youtube.

Q15. Is it a social network?

Sort of. Since you are sharing your content with others and interacting with them, so you can say that. But our main function is contests.

Q16. How can I vote on a post?

Below every post there is a vote + 1 button (unless you have already voted for that post). Simply click on it and done.

Q17. My posts are getting down and nobody is looking at them. How to lift them to the top?

Yes this is a common problem. In spite of posting nice content, nobody is able to watch them just because they lag behind the new content. To remove this problem we have introduced an uplift option with every post. Simply click on that and your post will lift to the top again.

Q18. what is Share Link?

Share Link is the unique address for your posts. You can share that link on facebook, twitter or any other website and can increase your chances of winning by getting more votes.

Q19. Do facebook likes counted as votes?

Generally No. But in some contests it may be and it will be explicitely specified.

Q20. I found a post content to be inappropriate. What to do?

To remove abusive or inappropriate content we have provided a report option at the top of every post. Click on it and we will check that out.

Q21. What is that top highlight bar?

The highlight bar is for showing people's profile to everybody. You can add yourself by clicking on "Add me here" button

Q22. I got more votes than the winner, still I did not win. Why?

We never do biasing on any account. We consider those votes only which are from active users ( see next question to know more about active users). You may have more votes but will not have more active votes than the winner.

Q23. What is active user?

Active user is that user who have confirmed their Email address.

Q24. How to activate my account?

After signup we send an email with confirmation link to your address. You need to simply click on that link and your account will get activated.

Q25. I lost my activation link. How can I get new one?

If you have not already activated your account, then you can see a red bar with text Resend Code. Click on it and a new link will be sent to your email address. Kindly check your spam folder too before asking new code.

Q26. What are credits?

Credits are fictional quantity which are used to perform different actions on this website. They are used for getting into highlight bar, posting some content and uplifting posts.

Q27. How can I earn credits?

You can earn credits when somebody voted for your posts or when YOU comment on somebody's post. So it's not totally depends on others but you too. You can increase your credits by commenting on other's posts.

Q28. How long will a post be in contest?

A post remains in a contest till the end of it. After the end of that particular contest for which content was posted, nobody can vote for it.