About Us

We are a very small team of some enthusiastic engineers who spend their time in creating something different and innovative. With this start up, we are planning to create a very different and informative application. Since we are working on that too, but it seems that our third project will take much long time then expected. Also that will require more manpower and finance. But completion of that project will lead to a very innovative form of education which will be full of interesting facts, real world situations and social network. We won't include bookish information, since you can get that anywhere. That project will interact you with day to day situations and tasks. Uptill now we have filled more than 150 sheets of flowcharts, algorithms, sketches, events, control flows and still it is not 20% complete :(

We are students with high expectations and determination. This website is for small contests free from specializations and educational status. Everybody can involve in it with equal powers and opportunity without discrimination. Also we have provided language selection bar (Thanks to Google) so that you can watch this website in your regional language other than English.

Currently there are no job openings. If there will be any, then we will explicitely list on the website. We will love to work with you. Please don't send us mail regarding this.

No project is perfect and complete. There are always some chances of bugs and incompletence. And this project is a collactive work of some interested people, so we are always in need of some new ideas, suggestions and bugs reports. If you find anything out of them, you are welcome to inform us. We will be very happy and we will do something more better and more interesting.

We have no big words and promises. We just have hunger to innovate something better and useful.

Thanks for listening us and we have not provided our team structure here, because you might not be interested in that. :)

You can contact us through our contact us form. We love to hear from you.