What is Funflee?

1. A contest portal.

2. Clean friends and family social networks.

3. Options specific to Indians like
"Baba Ji Ka Thullu"

Funflee is a contest portal, which organizes weekly contests.

Let us first ask you a question. Have you seen a ghost or heard some haunted stories from your grandparents? Do you have pictures or videos of your dog riding a bicycle? You must be having something worth sharing with others. This is what Funflee do. We organize weekly contests like Best Photograph, Best Caption, Best Daring Experience etc. where you need to write short story or post picture or video according to the theme of contest. People wants to listen your story and we provide you a central platform.

If there is contest, there must be prize.

The post which gets maximum votes (There is a vote option associated with each post) till the end of the contest, wins prize of their choice from our gift repository.

What if I don't require prize?

You are not alone. In fact most of our users don't care for prizes. But still they like to take part in our contests. For those who don't want prizes can allow us to donate them for the cause. What is better than bringing a smile on poor child's face? We donate books, clothes, toys and stuff which are useful for the kids. They are of equal price of your gift. We donate them with your name and put pictures and videos with kids thanking you for helping them on our portfolio. Now you have all the valid reasons to join us.

Why we give prizes for free?

Why Facebook, Quora etc are free? Because they have different earning model. Similarly we have. We give prizes for free because our main aim is to encourage people to donate their winnings to the needy ones and how can anybody charge for charity? For our earnings we have centralized credit system which allows advertisers to advertise on our website and which is the primary source of our earnings. Hope you got the point.

What Else?

Funflee is a fully functional social network also. Apart from contest you can share your content with your friends and family. Send messages, make followers, share pictures, videos and lot more.

Join the next biggest friends and family social community from India.

Proudly Made In India

Why Signup With Facebook Only?

Do you ever like to interact with fake people? Nobody does. Our system is based on voting. To increase votes count people may try to create fake accounts which is completely prohibited. To prevent this we use Facebook signup only because Facebook has a pre built fake account detection algorithm. This doesn't mean we have access to your profile else we strongly believe in maintaining the user's privacy. We only access basic information which are essential for registration on our website. We never publish anything on people's profile without their permission.

So feel free to login.